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Frequently asked questions

How Much do I need to Use?

We recomend to use no more than .25 grams per 8oz of a Drink

Is Galaxie Safe for Kids?

Yes! Our product is safe for Kids and can be used in any non-alcoholic beverage

Can I use Galaxie on Food?

Yes! Galaxie product can be used on food to match with any cocktail!

Can I Mix Galaxie Colors?

Yes! Galaxie Colors can be mixed to find a great variations that suit your needs, more info can be found on our youtube channel.

Will Galaxie Stain my Glass?

Galaxie is a powder pigment and is very easy to remove from all surfaces with a damp cloth. If it falls on clothes just throw in the dishwasher and it will come right off!

Will Galaxie Stain my Teeth?

No! Galaxie will stain your teeth or tongue because is not a colorant, Glittery lips may happen!

Can I become a Wholesaler for Galaxie Colors?

Yes! if you are interested of Selling Galaxie Colors at your store or in your own time, send us an e-mail to

Will Galaxie Colors Change the Flavor of my drink?

Galaxie Color is made to be tasteless and odorless, meaning that it wont change the taste of your drink.

Will Galaxie Color, give a grainy texture to my drink?

If use on the right amount, galaxie colors will not make your drink grainy. If your drink feels grainy you may have added to much galaxie.

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