Our Product

Galaxie Colors is a product designed and manufactured with German Technology. On, 2014, our ingredients were approved by the FDA under " Title 21, Volume 1; Cite: 21CFR73.350" making them fully edible. We guarantee you will have the best shimmer effect and the safest edible luster dust for your drinks.  

Our product is packed in the USA and comes with a easy to dispense bottle ready to be used. The product is easy to apply and will create a visual effect that will put your drink on the spotlight.

​Also, our colors will not give your drink any taste or odor, making your creation a beautiful version of itself. If nothing convinces you of how great our product is, we promise a shelf live of 10+ years in all our galactic colors*

The Vision

Galaxie Colors is a Family Company that is looking to revolutionize the market for Specialty Drinks one City at a Time.

  • Our Product is designed to help Business thrive with our amazing shine and colors

  • We will take your next event to a galatic level with our galaxie colors that will leave your guest in a Galactic Shock

PS: This product visual effect will make anyone around you Jelous of not having a Galactic Drink

Our Team

CEO and Galaxie Creator-

Albin Barrios

Web Design and Photography-

Aldo Canale 


Lauren Barrios

Sales -

Eduardo Canale

Contact Information

EMAIL: ipigmentsonline@gmail.com
Business HOURS 8:00AM-9:00PM

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